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Acrylic coated PVC DIY wallpaper to make your room like the one you had in your dreams!

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Boho Natural, Blue Green & Gold, Deep Ocean


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Made out of?
Acrylic coat PVC

– How do we make this work?
Wallpaper consists of a sticky backing with a film covering the glue.
Tear the first layer off, spread the glue evenly across the back of the wallpaper.
Stick from the top right corner toe the bottom left corner evenly

– Price per square
R700.00 ex VAT

-Matt or gloss?

-Delivery time
*7-14 working days

– Hoe lank vat dit om te maak
*5-7 Working Days

– Can you stick it to any wall?
*No, not newly painted walls (30days dry period)

– How do we clean this?
*Like any other wall – not heavy water

– Why better than Biggiebest?
*At Digi Mag we don’t just sell wallpaper we sell style, quality and any damn design you can think of. With a 15year track record we’ve been around the block and know the best route #thisisourblock

– The photo looks metallic? Is that even legit?
*Yes we print any design and make it look amazing. Full colour, just the way you like it!

– Can I do this on my own or do I need an applicator?
*This product has been created for DIY purposes and is fully functional for any average Joe on the street!

– How do I cut it?
*Scalpel included into the package

– Be careful for:
*There should be no dust on the wall, the wall should be 100% dry and ideally no wind when applying the wallpaper.
*When applying the vinyl, there might be what we call “light bubbles”. Kindly use the sharp edge of the scalpel and press firmly into the bubble. In due time, the bubble will vanish #kapeesh!

*No new paint

*Not excessive water when cleaning


Due to the nature of this product and the strength of Vinyl it is possible that this product might tear when not handled with care. This doesn’t mean our quality is lacking, but rather that we advise that you watch out when handling this product. Vinyl is meant to be viewed at 1,5 meter away for the best look.